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Hotline offers free help for seniors on utility-bill discounts, groceries

Banner Olive Branch Senior Center offers help to Arizona seniors

SUN CITY, Ariz. (June 15, 2021) – High temperatures means higher utility bills and Banner Olive Branch Senior Center, in partnership with the National Council on Aging, is offering eligible Arizona seniors help on getting discounts on their utility bills and to sign up for other services. 

Through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Arizona seniors can call (623) 465-6005 to get advice about discounts on utility bills, groceries and other items. 

Callers don’t have to be senior-center members to receive this service; it is free and available to seniors throughout Arizona.

By calling SNAP, David Ziegler, 73, of Sun City, got $25 off his utility bill, an extra $146 a month for groceries, and his wife access to affordable health insurance.

“That $146 made a huge difference for us. It means we can buy vitamins; we can fill our prescriptions instead of just scraping by.’’

Ziegler had been reluctant to call SNAP because he didn’t want to sign up for any kind of ‘’welfare’’ but senior-center staff reminded him that as a longtime wage-earner, he had more than paid into the federal program through paycheck deductions.

The help Ziegler got is a good example of how the program can assist seniors living on tight budgets, say Banner Olive Branch Senior Center officials.

“When people have limited incomes, often they have to make very hard choices about how to spend their money. We want to help them so that they don’t have to choose between running the AC and getting nutritious food that can help them improve or maintain their health,’’ said Dawn Gielau, director of Banner Olive Branch Senior Center.  

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