Chargemaster Pricing Information

Healthcare costs are confusing. We take away the worry with a personalized quote for your care.

Contact our pre-registration staff today. We will walk you through your insurance benefits, explain any co-payments or deductibles you might have, and give you a personal quote for your upcoming visit. If you do not have insurance, we can explain the costs and payment options associated with your care.

The documents below list the prices at each Banner Health hospital as of Jan. 1, 2019.  There are two ways in which hospitals charge for services. 

  • DRGs - These documents list our inpatient median prices by diagnostic related grouping (DRG). Medicare and some insurance companies use DRGs to determine what to pay for a hospital stay. Medicare pays the hospital a fixed amount based on a diagnosis or procedure instead of paying for the specific services provided. DRGs are not applicable for rural, critical access hospitals.
  • Charges –Known as a chargemaster, these documents list prices for procedures, services, supplies, devices and drugs.

We want you to fully understand what both you and your insurance company will pay for your care. However, the chargemaster and DRG documents contain a lot of information and can be difficult to read. So please contact the pre-registration staff at your hospital to get a personal quote and answers to all your questions. 







Diagnostic-Related Groups Information