Patient Care

Care Transformation at Banner Health

Banner Health has embarked upon a systemwide initiative called Care Transformation that unites best practices in clinical care with leading-edge clinical computer systems to provide better, safer care to patients.

As part of the initiative, Banner Health has scrutinized all of its processes – from how surgeries are scheduled to how patient records are managed – to find the optimum way to provide patient care.

One way Care Transformation improves patient care is to place patient information at caregivers’ fingertips by using an integrated electronic medical record that contains lab results, doctors’ and nurses’ notes and charting and medical images. Both Banner Estrella Medical Center and Banner Gateway Medical Center opened as fully electronic hospitals and the goal is to have all of our facilities have computerized provider order entry systems..

Research done at Banner Estrella shows Care Transformation increased patient safety, improved lab turnaround times, reduced patient wait times in the Emergency department, improved patient satisfaction and staff retention.

Banner Health is implementing a number of processes under the overarching umbrella of Care Transformation that use improvements in clinical care practices and technology to provide better, safer care to patients. One such system is an Intelligent OB program, known as PeriBirth, which improves the safety of the labor and delivery process for the more than 30,000 babies born in our hospitals.

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