Ongoing Clinical Trials

We have more than 25 studies, and there are usually 10 open for enrollment at any time.

We have many trials and studies, but most commonly we conduct:

  • Parkinson's disease trials
  • Alzheimer's studies

Below is a list of some of our ongoing clinical trials. To get more information about clinical trials, please call (623) 832-6500. Other trials can also be found online at

If you are interested participating in one of the many clinical trials at Banner Health, please complete the form here.

Parkinson's Disease Trials

Parkinson’s Progressive Marker Initiative PPMI - (still enrolling)

This study will collect clinical information, samples of blood, DNA, urine, cerebral spinal fluid, and brain images from subjects with PD and from subjects without PD. . This information will be used to help develop biomarkers for PD. Biomarkers are measures that tell something about PD. This study is looking at biomarkers in PD because they may help to understand how the disease changes over time. Having good biomarkers for PD may also be useful in developing new treatments and may help to improve clinical care in the future. In this study we will test biomarkers that may be related to the way PD changes over time.

To qualify: Age 18 and above with or without PD.