L.J. Roberts Center for Alzheimer's Research

Alzheimer's disease is recognized as a major health problem that will increase as Baby Boomers age. Alzheimer's is the target of some of the most intense research at Banner Sun Health Research Institute.

We now know that the disease starts decades before a clinical diagnosis is made. This long period of pre-clinical disease represents a window of opportunity for early detection and effective treatment so that a person with Alzheimer's may live the rest of his life free from the terrible failures that happen in more advanced stages of the disease.

The scientists at the L.J. Roberts Center for Alzheimer's Research recognize the urgency of unlocking the secrets of Alzheimer's. Our research includes:

  • Developing a method to keep brain tissue and adult brain stem cells alive in test tubes, which allows them to test different treatments and monitor how the cells are impacted in real time.
  • Pioneering the field of Alzheimer's epigenetic research. Epigenetics is the study of how a person's genetic code can be altered by the environment. Researchers at the L.J. Roberts Center are looking for the environmental factors that might affect who gets Alzheimer's.
  • Developing a blood test to detect Alzheimer's.

Our research brings new hope for the early detection and effective treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

Our Researchers:

Paul Coleman, Ph.D. – Director & Senior Scientist
Diego Mastroeni, Ph.D. – Associate Scientist