Center for Cardiovascular Research

Finding a cure for heart failure is the only mission of the Center for Cardiovascular Research. For more than 13 years, Mohamed Gaballa, PhD and his team have been investigating the potential of gene and adult stem cell therapy in ischemia (the restriction of blood flow to the heart) and the mechanisms of remodeling heart failure.

Despite recent advances in managing heart failure, there is no treatment to halt this devastating and debilitating disease.

From Research to Clinical Application

Our laboratory is laser-focused to translate our discoveries in basic science to clinics. To achieve this we are using a comprehensive translational approach, which starts by conducting state-of-the-art, National Institutes of Health-funded, basic scienctific research. It also takes the heavy involvement of clinical practitioners in our community and local universities. We also collaborate with medical scientists, locally, nationally and internationally.

Launching First Phase I Clinical Trial Using Adult Stem Cells

We are in the process of launching the first Phase I clinical trial using adult stem cells in Arizona. This effort encompasses several practitioners in both the West and East Valley, as well as from the University of Arizona Medical Center in Tucson.

The trial is working with stem cells from cardiac muscle to repair the heart after a heart attack. These cells, derived from the patients owns adult stem cells, are then delivered back to the damaged tissue to help repair the damage in heart failure patients. This has the potential of being a cure for heart failure in the future.

Outcome-Focused to Cure Congestive Heart Failure

Based on the team's extensive scientific experience in cellular and molecular biology, the lab is developing stategies to identify the most competent adult stem cells for cardiac therapy. This experience, combined with the lab's experience in mechanical engineering and cardiac medicine forms the basis of its competitive edge.

The researchers' skills all for not just the development of the most advanced stem cells for treatment, but also to design and develop the most advanced stem cells for treatment and to design and develop the most efficient route of cell delivery to the heart.

Finding a cure for congestive heart failure is the only goal of the Center for Cardiovascular Research.

Our Mission

Elucidate novel mechanisms of cardiac repair (regeneration) and translate these findings to clinical practice (bench to bedside) in a fiscally sound environment.

Our Vision:

Conduct translational research (bench to bedside) aiming to save and improve quality of life for heart failure patients. This will be accomplished by developing innovations in medicine, engineering and stem cell biology.