Summer Internships

The Banner Research/ASU-Biodesign Summer Internship Program offers college undergraduates and high school seniors the chance to expand their learning experiences beyond the traditional classroom.

This eight-week paid internship offers top-achieving and highly motivated students the opportunity to work and learn with nationally renowned physicians and researchers.

Our goal is to inspire students to not only embrace science and/or medicine as a career choice, but also to encourage them to continue scientific studies throughout their academic careers. Interns come from diverse backgrounds from local high schools to colleges around the country, such as Stanford University and Yale University.

Internships are open to college undergraduate science majors as well as high school seniors. During the summer, each student will spend eight weeks working in a dynamic setting at Banner Research or Arizona State University.

Interns will be expected to commit 36-40 hours per week to the program. A stipend of $125/week for a summer total of $1000 will be given to the student upon their successful completion of the program. The overall aim is to give the students cutting-edge experience in biomedical and clinical research.

Some students will have experiences in basic scientific techniques, experimental design and statistical analysis. Some interns will run imaging data analysis for PET data, MRI data or functional MRI data by using the latest imaging processing packages such as SPM, free surfer, etc. Others experiences will include clinical social work, public health, psychology and epidemiology. We encourage a broad range of students with diverse skills and interests to apply.

What is the purpose of this program?
The Summer Internship Program is designed to provide high school seniors over the age of 17, undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to spend a summer working side-by-side with some of the world’s most talented scientists, clinicians and professionals in an environment devoted to biomedical research and clinical care.

Where are these training opportunities located?
The internships are available in the laboratories and clinics of the institutes that comprise Banner Research and the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University. Banner Research and Arizona State University are located within the Greater Phoenix Area. 

  • Banner Alzheimer’s Institute – Phoenix, AZ
  • Banner Sun Health Research Institute – Sun City, AZ
  • Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center – Gilbert, AZ
  • Arizona State University Biodesign Institute – Tempe, AZ

Is this a paid internship?
Yes, students who are selected receive a stipend. A $ 1000 stipend is paid to students after satisfactory completion of the entire internship.

What are the start and end dates for the program?
Students selected for the program will start the 8 – week program on June 1 and end July 31. The intern time commitment is eight weeks, 40 hours a week.

Is summer housing provided by the Internship?
Banner research is unable to provide housing for summer interns. We can, however, offer some suggestions that may help you in finding a place to live.

Are there separate summer internship programs for high school and undergraduate college students?
No, there is a single Summer Internship Program at Banner Research. The applications from high school and college undergraduates are processed jointly for the internship. Each year about 20 percent of summer interns are in high school seniors and 80 percent are rising college undergraduates and graduate students.


Can I apply if I am not a citizen or permanent resident of the United States?
No. Only citizens and permanent residents of the U.S. are eligible to apply to this program. NOTE: residents of US territories/commonwealths are also eligible to apply. This includes citizens of Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, Guam, Samoa, and the Northern Mariana Islands.

Are students who are U.S. citizens attending foreign institutions eligible to apply?
If you are a U.S. citizen attending a foreign institution, you are eligible to apply.

Are there any eligibility criteria in addition to citizenship?
Yes, you must be seventeen years of age or older when you begin the program. If you are a U.S. citizen you must either be enrolled full-time in high school or an accredited or university or plan to be enrolled in the fall. If you are a permanent resident, in addition, your institution must be in the U.S.

Is the summer program limited to specific majors?
No. Our research interests and research projects are not limited to any specific major. Applicants from varied majors are welcome to apply.

Is there a minimum GPA to participate in this program?
Yes. However, Banner Research investigators will clearly want to select applicants who appear likely to make the greatest research contributions to their laboratories or clinics. Program participants typically have a GPA above 3.35.

Application Procedure

Download application

Is there a deadline for submission of applications?
Yes, the application deadline is March 22 for all applicants. Note: Partial applications that are not completed by the March 22 deadline will not receive consideration. The internship application is available online from early January through March 21. Any application postmarked after March 22 will not be accepted.

When should I apply?
The internship application is available online from mid-January through March 21.We recommend that you apply as soon as possible after the application site becomes available. Timely submission avoids the last minute rush that can lead to application errors.

Can I update my application from last year?
No. You will need to reapply and request new letters from your references.

Who should write my letters of recommendation?
You should select references (teachers, professors, and other faculty) that are able to explain why you would be a good addition to the Summer Internship Program. We recommend that your references comment on your skills in the laboratory, creativity, problem solving abilities, motivation, ability to handle complex concepts, etc. Note that recommendations from individuals who can comment on more than your academics carry more weight than recommendations from those who can state that you did well in a particular class.

Recommendations from family members are never appropriate. Also, note that letters assembled for medical/dental school applicants by the pre-professional offices of their colleges and universities will not be accepted. You must provide original letters of recommendation to Banner Research/ASU.

Is there a deadline for receipt of my reference letters?
All reference letters must be received by March 22.

After Applying

After I apply, can I make changes to my application?
No. Once you have submitted a complete application, you will not be able to make any changes/updates.

How are applications reviewed?
A selection committee reviews all applications to this program. Those who are deemed finalists will be given a phone interview as part of the final selection process.

How will I be notified if I am selected?
Selected interns will be notified by email and will have three days to accept the offer. If offer is not accepted within the allotted time frame it will be given to the next available applicant on the waiting list.

How soon can I expect to hear that I am selected?
Selected interns will be notified April 30.

What are my chances of receiving a position in the Summer Internship Program?
Like many of the research training programs, Banner Research /ASU Summer Internship Program is highly selective. Applicants with a competitive application stand the best chance of being offered an interview and subsequently a summer internship.

Do I need to submit an official transcript? 
Unofficial transcripts will be accepted as long as they bear the school seal and are on a High School or University registrars’ letterhead. Printed online unofficial transcripts will never be accepted.

Intern Scholarships and Awards
1) Women Inspiring Scientific Progress (WISP) is a distinguished network of women, committed to the advancement of Alzheimer’s disease prevention research while providing help and hope to families currently navigating the disease.
In an effort to advance their mission and encourage young women to enter the fields of science and research, and further opportunities for women in science, WISP created the WISP Research Intern Award. The Award supports a female student/s participating in the eight-week Banner Research Summer Internship program. 
The award, up to $2,500, provides the financial resources needed to support a student who might not otherwise be able to participate in the program. Please indicate on your application if you would like to be considered for this award.

2) In an effort to encourage students from the Greater Kansas City area to enter the fields of science and Alzheimer's research, the Shutz-Christopher Memorial Scholarship was created to benefit students from the Greater Kansas City area to participate in the eight-week Banner Research Summer Internship program, located in the Greater Phoenix area. The scholarship provides the financial resources needed to support students who might not otherwise be able to participate in the program. Financial needs-based candidates may also have the opportunity to use funds for travel and living expenses during the internship.

Internship Application Process

A signed application (Download application)
A letters of reference from a teacher or professor.
A personal statement with a brief biographical sketch, your interest/experiences in science, medicine and research as well as your future career aspirations.
Please include an official transcript/report card

Send to: Banner Research

Internship Program
c/o Brian Browne
10515 W. Santa Fe Drive
Sun City, AZ 85351