Women's Heart Center

Heart disease remains the number one killer of women, and exceeds the next seven leading causes of death. Heart disease in women and its risk factors are often undertreated, under recognized and underdiagnosed, and with younger women typically having the poorest outcomes. At the time of a heart attack, women are less likely to receive many standards of care and treatment, often resulting in less timely care, which results in a much higher mortality rate.

The Women’s Heart Center, under the Heart Institute at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix is focused on raising the profile of women’s cardiac wellness in Phoenix and the whole of Arizona.

Our center focuses on the unique aspects of cardiovascular disease in the female population, including preventive therapy, diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to increase the quality of life of our daughters, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, wives, friends and more.

For more information, contact the Heart Institute at its location at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix today:

755 E McDowell Road
Phoenix, AZ 85006

(602) 521-3090

About the Center

The Women’s Heart Center specializes in the following areas:

  • Cardiovascular-focused care of women
  • Cardiac risk assessment 
  • Postpartum risk assessment
  • Small vessel disease and microvascular ischemic heart disease
  • Ischemic heart disease management in women
  • Primary and secondary cardiovascular disease prevention in women

Our Providers

Center Leadership:

Patient Education

We strive to help every woman we serve become educated throughout their journey at the Women’s Heart Center both about their risks, treatment options and general heart health.


The University of Arizona, in coordination with Banner – University Medicine, conducts a variety of research studies and clinical trials to support a commitment to improving patient care. As a patient at Banner – University Medical Center, you may be eligible to participate, meaning you’ll have access to new treatments, which may not yet be available to the public.

Health and Prevention

At the Women’s Heart Center, we prize prevention and becoming aware of your environmental and hereditary risk factors for heart disease. Some of which include:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Pre-diabetes
  • Smoking
  • Family history
  • High cholesterol
  • Psychological or emotional stress
  • Age (risk increases most after menopause)