Melanoma Symptoms

Physical symptoms of melanoma most commonly appear on the trunk area of the body in fair-skinned men and on the lower legs of fair-skinned women. In dark-skinned individuals, it is most prevalent on the palms, the soles of the feet and beneath the nails.

Melanoma usually develops as an:

  • Irregular brown, black and/or red spot or
  • Existing mole that begins to change color, size or shape

While melanoma signs and symptoms vary from person to person, the following ABCDEs provide an easy way to recognize the signs of skin cancer:

(A) Asymmetry: One side of a mole is different from the other.

(B) Border Irregularity: The edges of a mole are ragged or irregular.

(C) Color Variation: The mole gets darker, changes color or contains several colors.

(D) Diameter: It is bigger than the diameter of a pencil eraser.

(E) Evolution: It grows in width or height.

The symptoms of melanoma that has spread can be different than what is listed above. If you think you may have any symptoms of melanoma, schedule an appointment with your doctor.