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Where Can I Find More Information About My Heart Health?

When you have a heart problem, your main focus is getting better. That process may take time. A positive attitude and patience can help you recover on your body's schedule.

As part of our heart care, Banner Health provides education and support from your very first symptoms, through diagnosis and treatment, into recovery and beyond. When you understand your condition and your options, you can make informed decisions. That's why we offer support and resources so you can be an active part of your own recovery.

Education & Resources

You're the most important member of your heart care team. The more you know about your heart condition and treatment options, the better decisions you'll make about your care as you work with your doctors.

You have access to our free online health library for information on many different heart and vascular conditions. Some commonly researched terms that relate to these areas include:

  • Atrial fibrillation
  • Eating heart-healthy food
  • Symptoms of a heart attack
  • Understanding peripheral arterial disease
  • What is an arrhythmia?

Our education classes help you better understand your heart condition and offer strategies on how you can prevent heart disease.

You don't have to deal with your heart or vascular condition alone. We're by your side along the way.

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