Home Care Conditions & Treatments

Who Can Access Home Care?

To be eligible for Banner Home Care services, you must be under a doctor’s care, who can help create and review your personal plan of care. You must have doctor certification that you’re homebound with a need for skilled nursing care, physical therapy, speech-language pathology services or occupational therapy.

How Do I Pay for Home Care?

Medicare, insurance companies, veteran’s benefits or AHCCS in Arizona may pay for home care services and products. You can also directly pay for the services and products.We also offer hospice services, learn more

Conditions & Treatments

We work with your doctor and other health care providers, as well as your caretakers at home, to ensure you have the equipment, skills and confidence you need to continue your recovery.

Social Services

Social workers make home visits to patients who need community resources. Working with the patient’s care team, social workers make referrals to appropriate agencies so patients can have their needs met at home. Social Services referrals include:

  • Transportation
  • Additional in-home assistance
  • Home-delivered meals

Social workers also assess for in-home safety and ensure the patient is receiving adequate services and supervision.

Telehealth Home Monitoring

Banner Home Care offers Telehealth monitoring to patients with chronic diseases such as congestive heart failure and diabetes. Below is how Telehealth Home Monitoring works:

  • Patients and caregivers learn to take their vital signs every day.
  • Vital signs are stored in a monitoring device that sends the information to a secure website where Banner Home Care staff can daily monitor the patient’s health.
  • The patient is asked a short series of questions that is also sent to the Internet site.
  • The patient learns about their medications and how to manage their diseases at home.
  • A Banner Home Care nurse monitors and assesses the data and contacts the patient. If necessary, the patient's physician will be contacted, a home visit may be done or the patient may be told to go to the emergency room if their symptoms are severe.

Other treatments