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Alternative Therapies

At Banner Health, our hospice team recognizes there are many ways to care for a patient’s well-being. That’s why in addition to traditional therapies, we offer our patients a variety of alternative therapies to enhance quality of life. Delivered by our credentialed staff, these life enhancing therapies promote relaxation, relieve stress and manage pain by nurturing the mind, body and spirit.

Talk with your doctor and your care team to integrate one of these therapy options into your hospice plan.

What Is Alternative Therapy?

Through a multi-disciplinary approach, Banner Health’s compassionate, experienced hospice team ensures each patient has access to integrated medical and behavioral health services. Your care team of doctors, nurses, health aids, social workers and counselors makes every effort to increase your comfort and well-being through traditional medicine and alternative therapies.

Studies show there are many natural methods to help patients cope with the end of life. Alternative or complementary therapies can provide patients in hospice physical and emotional benefits, enhancing your quality of life and reducing stress, anxiety, nausea and pain. These therapies can also help improve mood, provide a greater sense of control, boost communication and allow for the expression of feelings.

What Types of Therapies Are Available?

Banner Health offers several alternative therapies to help patients in hospice and their families improve their physical and emotional well-being, including:

  • Music therapy: Listening to music can have an immensely positive effect on our mental health. Studies show music can lift moods, combat depression, improve blood flow, lower stress and ease pain. For patients in hospice, music therapy is a well-established tool to address physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs and improve quality of life.
  • Art therapy: Art allows us to express ourselves in ways we otherwise cannot. Art therapy uses the creative process to improve and enhance the physical, mental and emotional well-being of patients. Drawing, painting, sculpting and other creative expressions can help patients cope with feelings, reduce stress, resolve conflicts, share memories and achieve insight.
  • Pet therapy:The unconditional love of a pet has an amazing power to help patients receiving end of life care and their families. A visit from one of our certified hospice therapy dogs can improve emotional well-being through the comfort, humor and joy only a warm nuzzle and furry face can provide. Therapy pets can also help open lines of communication and facilitate social interactions for patients and their families.

The use of alternative therapies such as these support Banner Health’s hospice mission to improve the quality of life for patients. Talk to your doctor about these alternative therapies to integrate them into your traditional hospice care plan.