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Can I Have a Safe Delivery?

A safe delivery is our number-one goal. When you are pregnant, we know you want a safe, personal labor and delivery in a peaceful, comfortable setting. Your delivery care team is experienced in all types of deliveries, even the most complex. This is a special time for you, and our goal is to work with you for the best possible experience.

Our caring staff checks your labor and moves you to a labor and delivery room when you’re ready. If you’re having a cesarean delivery, we’ll move you to an operating room when you and your obstetric (OB) provider are ready. 

We respect your choices about your labor, including pain control and who you choose to have with you during labor and delivery. When you have your baby at Banner Health, we encourage you to use a peanut ball to help your labor go smoother and faster.

Connecting with your child in their first few hours of life is very important, so when possible, we provide parents with a “golden hour” - private time after delivery for mother and father to bond with their new baby.

Can I Have an Elective Induction?

Banner Health doctors are careful about elective inductions, a medical procedure that uses medication or other methods to start labor. We’re just as careful with elective cesarean births. We believe that, in most cases, it’s best for babies to be born as close to their due dates as possible. 

Our doctors follow the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists guidelines. These guidelines outline the standards for elective inductions. Generally, you must be at 39 or more weeks of gestation, and your cervix must be soft and dilated.

Studies have shown inducing labor before your cervix is ready increases several risks, such as cesarean delivery, excessive bleeding, longer labor and the use of forceps or a vacuum. If you are at 41 weeks of gestation, you can always be induced. Talk to your Banner Health OB provider about your labor and delivery plan.

Why Should I Wait Until Full Term?

It’s worth waiting to deliver until you’re at full term so your baby can be as healthy as possible. The brain, lungs, and eyes are in the final stages of their development in the last few weeks of pregnancy. Babies born at full term (39 weeks) have:

  • Fewer hearing and vision problems
  • Fewer feeding problems
  • Less likelihood of low birth weight
  • Larger brains than younger-gestation babies
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