Care for Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Banner Health understands the challenges posed by living with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. We treat all forms of dementia including Alzheimer's Disease, Lewy Body Dementia, vascular dementia and frontotemporal dementia (FTD). Our highly experienced team develops a treatment plan tailored just for you or your loved one.

Since dementia care goes beyond diagnosis and treatment, we provide support for the person with dementia, caregivers and family members. This includes educational opportunities, such as community lectures, webinars, support groups and life enrichment programs. Classes and support groups are also available for caregivers and family members. Topics include disease management, travel tips, advocacy and wellness.

Banner is home to some of the leading researchers in Alzheimer's disease. Our participation in national and international research trials is helping to identify ways to slow or stop the disease.

We understand that you need detailed answers when it comes to your brain health, which is why you have come to the right place for your diagnosis. We offer advanced technology for brain scans such as MRI and CT/PET as well as neuropsychology testing to evaluate memory and thinking skills. Together these techniques help our medical team diagnose memory disorders and develop personalized treatment and support plans.

Memory disorders affect everyone differently. That is why our treatment is unique to your needs or the needs of your family member. We will spend time getting to know you before creating an individualized treatment and support plan. We can offer a wide range of treatment options for both mind and body based on your personal needs.

At Banner Health, we not only medically treat your condition, but we also provide ongoing care and support and connect you with educational programs and community resources.

If you need care for a neurological issue, we are here for you. Banner Health's large network of specialists in brain health, imaging and physical therapy can offer you the latest treatments. We also provide a range of support groups and classes for the entire family to better navigate life after diagnosis.

Our team members partner with you every step of your journey. Your neurological care team may include:

  • Your primary care doctor
  • Neurologist
  • Neurosurgeon
  • Imaging specialists
  • Stroke care coordinators
  • Physical therapists
  • Educators
  • Support group leaders
  • Nurse navigator

We accept most insurances, so you can get the care you need without worry.