Epilepsy & Seizures in Children

If your child has experienced two or more seizures, we understand how frightening this is both of you. You need care that brings comfort. Seizures are one of the symptoms of epilepsy, a disorder that causes a sudden pause in signals to the brain.

Your Child’s Needs

Epilepsy affects 5 to 10% of Americans. At Banner Health, we understand children and families who deal with epilepsy need specialized care. This is why we get to know your child before we recommend treatment options.

Your Child’s Epilepsy Treatment

Your child has access to several treatment options based on his or her specific condition. Tailored to our patients’ individual needs, we offer medication, surgery and vagus nerve stimulation (pacemaker implant) where appropriate. We want what you want –to get your child back to the activities he or she loves.

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