Traumatic Brain Injury

Roughly 1.5 million people in America suffer a brain injury each year. Fortunately, most don’t cause long-term impairment, such as hearing or vision loss, or behavioral changes.

Banner Health has experts in all major areas of neurosurgical sub-specialization. We treat common and complex injuries of the brain and head – from fluid buildup around the brain to severe facial fractures.

Common Brain Injuries & Treatments

Common traumatic brain-related injuries include:

  • Skull fractures
  • Contusions, or bruises on the brain
  • Hematomas, a collection of blood forming outside the blood vessels
  • Hemorrhages, or bleeding in the brain
  • Injures to the spine

Treatment options for traumatic brain injuries include:

  • Draining fluid from the brain or using drying agents to reduce swelling, pressure and fluid build-up for less severe brain injuries.
  • Cutting open a small section of the skull just large enough to clear the clot, known as a craniotomy, for blood clots that form on the brain, both inside and outside the brain lining. Craniotomies are also performed for bleeding within the brain to remove the pooling blood and relieve pressure on the rest of the brain.
  • Giving the brain some room to swell as needed without creating additional pressure by cutting through the brain lining and sometimes not replacing the small section of the bone for clots inside the brain lining.

Emergency Care

Seeking care quickly at a Banner Health trauma center can make the difference between death (or serious long-term injury) and full recovery. Several Banner Health facilities are designated at Level 1 Trauma Centers.

If you need emergency neurosurgery, the operating room is ready and the team is here to give life- and limb-saving care. Our neurosurgeons work together with trauma surgeons and the intensive care team to offer the best care for some of the sickest patients.

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