Screenings & Diagnostics

Tools and Information for Better Orthopedic Care

Before your treatment can begin, we need to evaluate your spine, bone, joint or muscle problem so your doctor can create a treatment plan especially for you. Screening and diagnostic tools, such as ultrasound and MRI, let your physician see what’s going on with your particular condition and what may be causing your pain.

What Screening and Diagnostic Tests Do I Need?

Your orthopedist may use one or more diagnostic tests to determine the right treatment for your condition or injury. You might start with an ergonomic assessment to test if your work station is optimal, or functional capacity evaluation which determines your ability to perform certain tasks. Once these tests are completed, you may move on to other technologies, such as:

Our goal is to relieve your pain and get you back to your everyday activities. These diagnostic tools help your orthopedic specialist determine if rest, medication, rehabilitation, surgery or some combination is the right treatment plan for you.

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