Hip Care

Total Care for Your Hips

Healthy weight management, wearing shoes that fit well and avoiding trip and fall hazards are all great ways to reduce hip injuries. But hip problems can still happen to anyone due to arthritis, overuse or that unanticipated fall. We offer services that can help, from physical therapy to joint replacement surgery.

Hip Conditions We Treat

Our Orthopedic team includes doctors, surgeons, nurses and support staff specially trained in dealing with hip problems. We help patients deal with a range of hip-related issues, including:

Treatment Options for Hip Issues

Your team will work with you on a treatment plan for your specific hip condition. This may mean rehabilitation, medicine or other conservative treatments. If these treatments don’t work for you, or when the treatments stop providing pain relief, your doctor may suggest surgery to correct your condition.

Depending on your condition, hip replacement surgery may be right for you. There are two surgical options:

  • Partial hip replacement – Your surgeon removes only a portion of your hip joint and implants a replacement for that portion
  • Total hip replacement – Your surgeon removes and replaces your entire hip joint

Your doctor will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each to help you decide which one is right for you.

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