Specialty Care Basics

We understand that some medications require special care and handling. At Banner Health, we provide customized packaging. Our specially trained pharmacists help you reach your treatment goals.

For your convenience, we offer our specialty pharmacy to our employees and patients for a number of conditions.

The Specialty Pharmacy includes:

  • 24-hour access to your specialty pharmacy for questions, compliments, complaints or concerns
  • Convenient delivery options
  • Financial assistance
    • Complete benefit investigation
    • Manufacturer copay assistance
    • Foundation copay assistance, when applicable
  • Insurance
  • Information whether the pharmacy is in network or out of network for your health benefit plan, and how this affects your cost
  • Pharmacy benefits
  • Reminders to refill your medication
  • Therapy management programs
  • Assistance in many languages as well as for individuals who are deaf or hearing impaired.

Contact us by telephone (844-747-6442) or email for assistance.

Check out information about conditions requiring specialty medications.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Specialty Pharmacy

Before you get started, we know you have questions to ask. We’ve provided the answers here along with some helpful documents below:

Our Banner Family Pharmacy - Chandler Specialty Pharmacy has received a URAC accreditation and a ACHC accreditation. Banner Family Pharmacy- Chandler provides pharmacy services to the following geographic areas: Arizona, Alaska, Colorado, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming.

Some of your medications may have special storage requirements. Banner Pharmacy Services – Specialty Care fills medications that treat chronic, acute or even rare medical conditions. You may reach our 24-hour pharmacy order service by phone.

Most specialty medications are provided in 30-day supplies. For some patients who require specialty medications for a longer period of time, we can send a supply of medication that is greater than 30 days.

Call us with questions or concerns regarding your specialty medications at (844) 747-6442.

Medications can be expensive. You’re in good hands with Banner Pharmacy Services. Our Specialty Care provides specially trained staff to assist you in working with your insurance company. They will let you know of foundation grants that you may be qualify for and any drug manufacturer assistance programs. Pharmacy patient experts make sure that all financial resources are applied before you pay out-of-pocket.

For co-payments and co-insurance amounts, we accept credit card, HSA or FSA card, or by check. We store your preferred method of payment in a secure system for future refills.

Many specialty medications require refrigeration. We make sure temperature-sensitive medications are sealed and insulated. We recommend that you open your package and refrigerate it immediately after it arrives.

Specialty medications are unique in that they usually require some extra care while you receive your therapy. We partner with you to make sure that you get the most from your specialty medication. We check in with you to make sure the medication helps you reach your treatment goals. We address any side effects you may experience.

You may call our toll-free number to opt-out of the reminder calls and/or assessments. You can request to opt back into part or all of the specialty patient management program.

We recommend you look at the expiration date on your medicines every time before taking them. Do not take a medicine if it is expired. If you have many packages for the same medicine, use the medicine package with the earliest expiration date first.

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