What To Expect From Pharmacy Services

You need your medication at a location that’s convenient to you. Banner Health Pharmacy Services offers an easy, online pharmacy 24/7.

How Do I Transfer a Prescription?

There are 3 easy steps to transfer a prescription:

  1. Obtain the prescription number or medication name from your current prescription.
  2. Obtain the phone number for the pharmacy that last filled your prescription.
  3. Call the Banner Family Pharmacy location where you’d like to transfer your prescription and provide the information listed above, or complete the Patient Information Form and fax it to the pharmacy.

For your convenience, we provide Home Delivery Services and Specialty Care Services.

We understand that ordering and picking up a prescription is not always convenient. 

Learn more about our Banner Family Pharmacy Home Delivery Services

We understand that some medications require special care and handling. That's why we offer specialty pharmacy services for a number of conditions. 

Learn more about our Banner Specialty Pharmacy services

Banner Family Pharmacy has added a convenient way to dispose of controlled substance medications that are no longer needed or are expired. 

Learn more about our Drug Disposal or MedSafe Program.

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