Clinical Research Administration

Banner Research works with Banner Health facilities and investigators to conduct ethical, compliant and comprehensive research studies.

We provide support to researchers in seven states, 22 facilities and two major research institutes in a number of different ways:

  • assist with review and approval of research study proposals
  • monitor compliance with federal, state, and local institutional policies
  • provide training for investigators, research staff, and facility administration
  • provide technical assistance to manage research studies

Our Services

Our Framework 

To provide administrative support and oversight for approximately 800 inpatient and outpatient research projects, we work with Banner Health administrators and key decision makers to establish hospital-based research departments comprised of research directors, clinical research nurses, clinical research coordinators, and Regulatory Affairs support.

Research directors and research staff work with interested investigators and senior leaders to assess what it will take in terms of times, resources and effort to support a broad array of research projects. They can help investigators by:

  • Integrated Research Information System (iRIS), the electronic submission platform
  • Championing facility-based Feasibility Review Meetings
  • Moving projects through our concurrent review process.

For more information or questions, please contact our administrative offices at (602) 747-9700.

We also offer the services of our regulatory affairs staff as well as research nurse support. These positions are based at each facility.