Grant Proposals & Submissions

The OGSDA will work with you throughout your grant proposal and submission process.

Learn about:

  • Proposal Submissions
  • Financial Terms
  • Budget Development
  • Electronic Grants Administration

Proposal Submissions

All proposals, whether applying for a prime or sub agreement, MUST be processed through OGSDA.

  • OGSDA will engage with the PI/PM as early on in the process as possible. OGSDA must receive notice of PI/PM intent to apply for a grant no later than 4 weeks before the submission deadline in order to provide adequate time to provide the best service possible.
  • For a proposal that is already prepared, contact OGSDA 10 working days prior to the submission deadline in order to ensure sufficient time for reviews and approvals.
  • The life of a proposal does not end if declined. The proposal can be enhanced based on the feedback from the previous submission and can either be resubmitted for consideration or revised and submitted to an alternative funding source.

Financial Terms

  • Direct Costs: (DC) are those that are necessary in order to meet the specific objectives of the project (i.e., salaries, travel, materials).
  • Indirect Costs: (IDC) also referred to as Facilities & Administration Rate (F&A), represent the expenses of doing business that are not readily identified with a particular grant, contract, project function or activity, but are necessary for the general operation of the organization and the conduct of activities it performs (i.e., overhead). Banner has negotiated cost rates with the Department of Health and Humand Services, which must be applied to federal grants and other grants as advised by OGSDA. Senior Administrator approval is required to waive or accept reduced IDC.
  • Cost Sharing: Requires approval by Banner CEO, COO and CFO.
  • Infrastructure: An investment by Banner Health to provide the support facilities and resources necessary to conduct the proposed research.

Budget Development

The list below reflects the most commonly requested information for proposal budgets. All budgets must be reviewed and approved by Research Finance prior to submission.

  • Project Costs: Are all expenses included?
  • Allowability: Are all expenses allowable?
  • Budget Justification: Are all project costs justified?
  • Cost Sharing: Is there cost sharing? If so, the cost share must be approved in advance by a senior administrator.

Current Fringe and F&A Rates:

On-campus Fringe On-campus F&A Off-campus Fringe On-campus F&A
BAI/BSHRI 17.3% 58% 17.3% 58%
Hospital-based 17.3% 47%

Electronic Grants Administration at Banner Health

OGSDA will help guide you through the process of electronic grants submission and administration. Below are some web sites that may help you as you prepare your submission.

  • - Submission tips, common sources of errors
  • NIH eRA Commons - Submission tips, common sources of errors
  • HRSA - Health Resources and Services Administration