Sports Medicine

Screenings & Diagnostics

If you get injured while participating sports, you’ll need some screenings and diagnostic tests to determine the extent of the injury. These screenings and diagnostics will help your doctor determine what course of treatment will be needed.

Care for Your Active Lifestyle

The old “man up and get back in the game” attitude takes a back seat to what really matters – your health. When you’re competing or just being active, you should listen when your body is telling you to slow down.

The sports medicine specialists at Banner Health will help you uncover the problem with your injury using several different diagnostic screenings. In some of our centers we use advanced techniques to help you improve your overall performance in sports and help prevent injuries.

Some of the screenings and diagnostics we may use include:

  • X-rays, MRIs and other imaging techniques
  • Baseline testing for concussions
  • Sports physicals
  • Functional movement studies
  • Exercise stress testing
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