Frequently Asked Questions about Online Check In

With our new online check in option that is available at some of our Banner Urgent Care locations, we understand that there are also some questions that may arise. Patients who are waiting in the lobby to be seen may not understand why other individuals may be being seen first.

The following Q&A’s are commonly asked questions from patients in the waiting room and may offer some helpful information. Please keep in mind that your clinic might not be using some of the features explained below.

Why did someone that walked in after me get taken back before me?

There are two things that could have happened:

This individual most likely created a reservation online. You can see which type of reservation patients have created reflected on the wait room screen. With our check-in system, every person is getting into the same line, regardless of whether they chose a time online or walked into the clinic. Next time you need to visit our urgent care, consider making a reservation online so you have the option to choose your own waiting experience.

Some appointments (like a flu shot or drug screen) do not need to take the full appointment time. We put these individuals in a separate line so we can quickly call them back and complete their visit, without disrupting the flow of provider visits.  Next time you have to get a flu shot, book it with us and you may be seen quicker than our projected wait times!

How does the leave come back feature work?

The leave and come back functionality is intended to allow patients to remain in the queue without physically waiting in an exam room. The benefit of choosing to leave when there is an extended wait, is that the patient is essentially choosing where he waits rather than sitting in a crowded lobby. Many patients expect that using this feature will permanently hold their spot in line. However, it is important to understand that this functionality is intended to not favor anyone. Once a patient leaves, he is considered an online patient and delays in the clinic may push his reservation back, just like any other reservation made with our check-in system.

If an earlier slot becomes available, we will not request a ‘leave and come back’ patient to return early. The system only updates patients if their time is delayed (pushed back). This is intended to prevent confusion; if a patient isn’t planning to return until a later time and is asked to return earlier, he would likely miss his reservation.

It is important to note that callback order is based on check-in (patients who are physically present in the clinic). If a patient chooses to leave and while he is away, a time slot becomes available, we will allow a walk-in patient into the open visit time ahead of the patient who chose to leave. This is to ensure the clinic can continue moving along rather than have a physically present patient wait in the lobby when an exam room is open.

Another patient just jumped ahead of me in the queue on the wait room TV, what does that mean?

Sometimes we have patients come in with an illness or injury that needs to be addressed immediately. This patient will be moved to the top of the queue and will be taken back as soon as we have space. We want to make this transparent to all of the individuals in the waiting room so that everyone is aware of the delay. We also send delay text messages to those not in the office.

My call back time on the wait room TV has changed since I sat down. Why?

The wait room display represents a real-time depiction of all activity within the clinic. Wait time estimates change when:

  • A current patient visit takes more (or less) time than expected
  • A patient is called back out of order with an immediate need
  • A patient in line elects to leave without being treated
  • Patients are deemed to be a different visit type and moved to another line