Breast Health

How Do I Keep My Breasts Healthy?

Listen to your body and be proactive. Breast health starts with prevention. Breast self-exams and routine screenings are your first line of defense to keep your breasts healthy followed by a proactive approach to any abnormal tests or screenings with quick follow up.

Your health is important to you, so it’s important to us, too. To help keep you healthy at every stage of life we offer complete breast health services, screenings and support.

What Breast Screenings Should I Have?

We encourage you to make breast health a priority and have regular breast exams and mammograms. You may also need help for a breast condition such as benign (noncancerous) pain, infection, inflammation, nipple discharge, cysts or lumps. When you and your doctor detect a problem in your breast early, it increases the chances of a cure and a positive outcome.

What Breast Cancer Treatments Might I Need?

You and your Banner Health provider will discuss a treatment plan if you have a breast condition that needs further care. Your treatment plan will be tailored to you and may include:

No matter your course of therapy, we're here to support you throughout your treatment and recovery.

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