Investment Opportunity: Dementia Care Management

In the face of a diagnosis like Alzheimer’s disease, people often feel scared and lost—until they come to Banner Alzheimer’s Institute.

BAI provides a unique model of coordinated care for both patients and their care partners. Staff address financial and legal concerns, caregiver stress and quality of life.

The Family and Community Services team ensures that patients and their care partners have the support they need. This specialized unit of nurses and social workers provides disease education, strategies for successful daily living, tips for adapting to changing communication skills, and suggestions for responding to behavioral challenges.

By helping patients and their care partners prepare for the future, BAI equips them to have a more meaningful experience today. Few places offer an equivalent model of care as Banner Alzheimer’s Institute, which is why it is a destination center for those facing an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

Triple the Cost

But caring for patients with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia can cost as much as three times that of a patient without memory issues. Due to the nature and frequency of care, physicians at BAI spend more time with each patient than is reimbursable.

Additionally, third-party insurance providers don’t fully compensate for non-medical care.

The New Standard of Care

Despite the costs, the physicians and staff at Banner Alzheimer’s Institute believe every patient and family deserve an equivalent level of care and support. We envision a day when BAI’s coordinated care plan becomes the standard of care nationwide.

In 2014, BAI implemented a pilot program to train Banner-affiliated primary care doctors on how to recognize, treat and manage dementia and when referrals to specialists are needed.

The goal: to demonstrate that BAI’s approach to dementia care improves lives and, in the long run, saves money from reduced hospital admissions and emergency room visits.