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Banner Casa Grande awards academic scholarships to employees

Casa Grande, Ariz. (June 8, 2021) - How does Banner Casa Grande Medical Center support its Team Members? By investing in their future. Recently, the hospital distributed about $30,000 total in scholarship money to 30 employees. This is the first time the hospital has awarded these scholarships which will be awarded annually in the spring and in fall. 

The newly created program came to fruition as a result of services offered within the hospital. For example, funds from the in-house coffee shop are reinvested back to help finance scholarships covering tuition and continuing education. 

“Our Team Members are the best and most important investment we can make at our hospital,” said Brian Kellar, CEO of Banner Casa Grande. “These scholarships give them an opportunity to not only pursue their degree in higher education, but also boosts their career journey so they can pursue their passion for the work they would truly like to do for a lifetime.”

One of those who won a scholarship is Marissa Maneely, who is currently working as a certified nursing assistant at Banner Casa Grande. Maneely said, “It kind of feels like you’re winning the Publisher’s Clearing House.” 

Maneely said she will be using the money she was awarded to help finance her studies in nursing. She is currently working toward being a Licensed Practical Nurse, with her eventual goal of obtaining her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She hopes to achieve that goal toward the end of next year, thanks in part to the scholarship she was recently awarded. “It made me feel good that Banner is looking at their own employees,” said Maneely.

In addition to Marissa Maneely, Banner Casa Grande Medical Center would also like to acknowledge and congratulate other scholarship winners and wish them the best of luck in their studies:

Tiffany Ellis
Debra Fernandez
Gloria Partin
Jerrod Houston
Maribel Lizarraga Ramirez
Megan Templeton
Shannon Cheetham
Taylor Tabaka
Cheryl Pedro
Destiny Hudson
Donna Garcia
Tiffany Thompson
Steffi D’Souza
Karen Pitman
Tricia Browning
Veronica Bevan
Tiffany Branscum
Amelia Lizarraga
Analisa Marquez
Briana McKaney
Christopher Morris
Diane Berg
Jennie Quintana
Jennifer Curtis
Kendall Carlisle
Maria Lizarraga Ramirez
Michael Clarke
Stephanie Griffin
Suzy Walker
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