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Follow-up appointments for rattlesnake bite patients now offered at Banner - University Toxicology Clinic

Outpatient care is important to ensure no complications from envenomation

PHOENIX (Aug. 30, 2022) – After seeing a significant increase in rattlesnake envenomations across Maricopa County and Arizona this season, the Department of Medical Toxicology and Banner Poison & Drug Information Center at Banner - University Medical Center Phoenix are now offering follow-up appointments for patients who have received treatment after being bitten. 

Many rattlesnake envenomation patients receive treatment, including antivenom, at facilities without medical toxicology services. Because of this, health care providers often rely on phone consultation with the Poison Center for assistance with caring for such patients. Due to the risk of delayed venom effects, including increased pain, swelling, and blood abnormalities after being discharged, outpatient follow-up and blood testing are required.

“If someone has been bitten by a rattlesnake and received treatment, it’s important that they still visit the outpatient clinic for a follow-up to ensure there are no further complications,” said Dr. Anne-Michelle Ruha, a toxicologist at Banner - University Medical Center Phoenix. “While it is rare that a rattlesnake bite is life-threatening, effects and treatment can vary based on the severity and the individual patient.”
Providers, patients (both children and adults), and caregivers can call the Banner Poison & Drug Information Center (24/7/365) for assistance with patient care and clinic follow-up appointments at 602-253-3334.

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