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Somos Banner Health Series: Dr. Andrew Valenzuela, Sleep Medicine Banner Medical Group

"It feels incredibly rewarding to speak the language of our patients and understand their cultural background"

PHOENIX, AZ- (October 6, 2023)- Dr. Andrew Valenzuela comes from a diverse background with a blend of Hispanic and American cultures. Born in Houston, Texas, from a Dominican father and a Mexican mother, Dr. Valenzuela has had the privilege of being raised with the best of both worlds.

He credits his parents for the valuable lessons they taught him and for teaching him Spanish as his first language ensuring he grew up with the traditions, exquisite cuisine and vibrant music of both Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

Recently, Dr. Valenzuela returned to Punta Cana at the Dominican Republic to celebrate his grandmother's 100th birthday celebration. This experience further reinforced his appreciation for his culture.

Working at Banner Health has provided Dr. Valenzuela with an exceptional opportunity to experience the power of diversity in healthcare. "The team at the clinic is phenomenal," he exclaims. "There is such a blend of backgrounds, and the resulting culture is rich and diverse."

As a bilingual physician, he recognizes the advantages that fluency in multiple languages brings to his medical practice. Speaking Spanish enables him to connect with his patients and family members who may speak another language. Building this trust and understanding is crucial to delivering effective and compassionate care.

"It feels incredibly rewarding to speak the language of our patients and understand their cultural background," says Dr. Valenzuela. "Being bilingual brings a unique advantage in providing personalized care and fosters a deeper connection with patients and their families."

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