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Somos Banner Health Series: Dr. Valentina Ghisays, Bioinformatics Scientist Banner Alzheimer's Institute

PHOENIX, Ariz. (Sept. 22, 2023) -Dr. Valentina Ghisays is a scientist who has been working at Banner for the past six years. Originally from Cartagena, Colombia, she moved to the United States at the young age of 17 to pursue her career in Behavioral Neuroscience and Experimental Psychology. Starting in Ohio, she then moved to Cincinnati to focus on Neuroscience Diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Finally, six years ago, she made her way to Phoenix to work with Banner Health on brain scanning techniques like PET and Magnetic Resonance.

Dr. Ghisays has always had a fascination with the complexity of the brain, believing it to be the most intricate organ in the universe. As a result, Phoenix has become her home, with her mentors and the connections she has made at Banner being essential to her career and her passion for research. She acknowledges the exceptional opportunities available in Arizona, which greatly benefit her as a scientist.

" Banner Health is not just a workplace, but a fundamental part of my life here in Arizona. With the support of my colleagues and invaluable mentors, I can navigate any professional or personal challenge with confidence." -said Dr. Ghisays.

Despite her love for Phoenix, Dr. Ghisays still misses her family and friends back in Cartagena, as well as the coastal lifestyle. She tries to visit them at least once a year, but the high humidity prevents her from considering a permanent return. However, she feels fortunate to be able to call them every day and maintain a close connection. For her, the best part about Colombia is its people. She describes them as affectionate, always wishing you well, and welcoming you as if you were a long-time friend. In times of need, she knows she can rely on their support.

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