Meet the OIFA Team

  • OIFA Administrator: Colleen McGregor, MADM, MPH
    Colleen brings her own lived experience as a peer and family member to her role, overseeing OIFA and the Member Advocacy.   She supports the peer and family run programs ensuring peer and family support are available to all members and families.  She establishes structures to promote diverse youth, individual and family voice in health plan decision-making and advocates for the development of culturally inclusive environments that are welcoming to individuals and families.

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  • OIFA Recovery & Resiliency Coordinator/Information Analyst: Rebecca Hyson, BA, CPRP, PRSS
    Rebecca is a peer and family member and brings this experience to her role.  She believes whole heartedly in the power and value of peer and family support services across all settings, cultures, and stages of recovery.  She has experience in providing direct crisis and recovery support services, care coordination and peer support, and assists individuals and families in understanding their unique health care choices. She enjoys seeing those she has the opportunity to work with using their voices, gaining a stronger sense of self & community, learning to advocate creating positive system change, and living healthier lives.   

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  • OIFA Member & Community Liaison: Sandra “Sandy” Garcia
    Sandy has years of experience in assisting members understand and use their health plan benefits.  She has coordinated care and support for members to use and make the most of their benefits.  She thoroughly believes in member voice and choice and advocates in helping members feel heard and self-sufficient to enjoy living a healthier happy life.

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Reach the OIFA Team at [email protected]. We are here to help!