What is a Prior Authorization?

Prior Authorization is a process where your provider obtains approval for the service from B – UFC/ALTCS. We must approve services that require prior authorization before the services are given to you.

B – UFC/ALTCS must review requests for prior authorizations. Your PCP's office will let you know if your prior authorization request is approved. You can also call our Customer Care Center to find out the status.

If your PCP's request is denied, B – UFC/ALTCS will let you know by mail. If you have a question about the denial, you may call our Customer Care Center. You can also write to us at the address listed below. Please review your Member Handbook for more information about filing an appeal for a denied authorization. The appeal decision sent by B – UFC/ALTCS will also tell you how to request a State Fair Hearing.

If you need services not covered by B – UFC/ALTCS, due to moral or religious obligations, please contact our Customer Care Center for help.