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You know us for our health care. Now meet our Medicare prescription drug plan.

You’ll get both quality health care and comprehensive prescription drug coverage – making it easier for you to stay healthy.

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Choice of 3 plan options – Banner Rx Simple, Banner Rx Classic, and Banner Rx Premier.

Prescription Drugs

Our Medicare Rx Prescription Drug plan offers access to a vast network of pharmacies and coverage for generic and prescription drug.

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Medication Therapy Management

Our Medication Therapy Management (MTM) program is a service offered by Banner Rx at no additional cost to you. Learn more or see if you qualify for this program.

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Why Banner Medicare Rx PDP?

Banner Medicare Rx PDP offers locally based Medicare Prescription Drug plans in Arizona. We are dedicated to saving you money and making it easy to get your Part D prescription.

With Banner Medicare Rx, you receive coverage for a wide range of generic and brand-name prescription drugs.