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Banner Baywood hosts mock mass casualty incident

Hospital employees, first responders & students train for emergency situations


Hi-res pictures and video for this press release can be downloaded here

MESA, Ariz. (March 16, 2023) – Banner Baywood Medical Center recently hosted its first mock mass casualty incident. First responders from agencies such as American Medical Response (AMR), BannerAir Emergency Transport and Mesa Community College also took part.

The event simulated a crisis involving multiple victims to allow all the appropriate internal and external response agencies to participate as if it was a real emergency. This provided participants with continuing education in emergency care, helping them prepare for the unexpected. Typically, during a real emergency, these agencies would work together to provide patient care in the field and in a hospital setting.

“It’s to keep us all prepared and know what we’re supposed to do in these events,” said Austin Baker, clinical support assistant at Banner Baywood Medical Center.

The event included a variety of activities and training stations, including a skills lab where participants could practice inserting IVs into a mannequin arm and learn how to open an airway if a person stops breathing. BannerAir landed at Banner Baywood to simulate transporting a patient to the hospital via helicopter. A mock mass casualty exercise involved multiple “victims” who needed to receive care until first responders could arrive. Once first responders from AMR arrived at the scene, they were able to stabilize these “patients” so they could be transported to the hospital.

According to Baker, the scenarios used during this mass casualty incident are not typically seen at Banner Baywood. However, if a major emergency happens nearby and a critical patient or patients must receive care as soon as possible, the hospital must be well prepared to treat those patients.

“It shows the community that we are continuously training and staying prepared for the health and safety of the community,” Baker said.

Banner Baywood Medical Center is an acute care hospital in Mesa. The hospital is a Primary Stroke Center and also offers orthopedics, emergency care, surgery, cancer care and acute rehabilitation. The 50,000-square-foot Emergency department offers advanced Emergency care and medical imaging technology. For more information, visit

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