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Banner Del E. Webb performs its first robotic-guided spinal surgery

Surgical robot enhances efficiency and accuracy during complex surgeries

Note to editors/producers: High-resolution photos/video for this story are available for download at this link.

SUN CITY WEST, Ariz. (March 11, 2024) – Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center recently completed its first successful robotic-guided spinal surgery on Monday, March 4. Dr. Andrew Chung, orthopedic spine surgeon at Banner Del E. Webb, performed the procedure.

The MAZOR X Spinal Stealth Edition™ Robotic-Guidance Platform allows surgeons to have a surgical plan before the procedure begins by using the patient’s unique spinal anatomy. Surgeons can then execute the plan in the operating room using navigation and robotic guidance to precisely place spinal implants.

“Not only does the MAZOR robot improve the accuracy and precision of what we do as surgeons, but it reduces the potential for human error – particularly in more complex surgeries – through minimally-invasive approaches,” said Dr. Chung. “That’s a huge win for the patients and for our entire surgical team. Because the MAZOR also incorporates artificial intelligence, we have the ability to improve the execution of our surgeries with each subsequent surgery.”

Surprise resident Catherine Clemett was the first patient to undergo spinal surgery with the robot at Banner Del E. Webb. At 72, Clemett has suffered from chronic spinal pain for a number of years. She says she’s feeling positive after the surgery and hopes she can soon finally get back to her passion, Argentine Tango Dancing, which she has been doing for 25 years.

“It’s pretty exciting to say I’m the first one to undergo this new procedure,” Clemett said. “And I’m happy it’s available to us now – it’s a big deal. For about the last four years, I’ve been needing a surgery that can address my lower spine pain. The pain has kept me from dancing, which has been tough, so I hope after my recovery I can get back out there doing what I love.”

While Banner Health has been using surgical robots for other medical procedures, Banner Del E. Webb is currently the only hospital within Banner offering the MAZOR X Spinal Stealth Edition™.

“We are thrilled to give patients who might need a long, complex spinal surgery the option to make the procedure easier and less invasive with the most advanced robotic tools,” said Erica Dorward, chief operating officer of Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center. “I believe we will be seeing improved outcomes and quicker recovery times for our spinal surgery patients thanks to the MAZOR. It truly has the potential to be life-changing for our patients.” 

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