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Banner Physical Therapy treating high number of patients with arthritic conditions

Physical therapy can be an effective tool in helping patients of all ages manage their arthritis pain

PHOENIX (May 21, 2024) - Arthritis is a well-known ailment impacting more than 50 million Americans, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); that same data shows that arthritis and other rheumatic conditions is the leading cause of work disability in the United States. Banner Physical Therapy says they see many patients dealing with arthritis and are actively helping patients mitigate the pain that comes with the often-debilitating disease.  

“Arthritis is a chronic condition caused by joint inflammation and pain, and depending on a patient’s job, that can cause considerable challenges for folks in the workplace,” explains Chris Clendaniel, physical therapist with Banner Physical Therapy.  

Clendaniel says 40 to 50% of her patients suffer from some form of arthritis. “I see many patients that have daily difficulties with work or activities due to arthritis,” says Clendaniel.  

Clendaniel notes that the longer people remain in the workforce, whether it be physical labor work or a desk job, the more likely they will be limited by arthritis in the future.  

“Standing or even sitting at a desk all day can be painful to individuals suffering from arthritis,” Clendaniel says. 

However, she explains that physical therapy can play a significant role in helping manage arthritic pain and improve movement with exercise so they can ultimately get back to work.  

“Exercise works to rejuvenate your joints with movement by replenishing the fluid in all our joints,” said Joseph Davis, physical therapist with Banner Health. 

Clendaniel says that while exercises done during physical therapy can depend on the patient’s goal and limitation, they do movement therapy to improve mobility and lessen pain. This can include range of motion exercises, exercises that help supporting muscles around the joints, as well as tasks related to the patient’s job.  

“At home, patients can be active by doing aerobic work such as walking, biking, swimming or use of an elliptical which will also help get them back into the workforce,” Clendaniel says. “These can help fast track someone to their goals and definitely help manage pain.”  

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