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Banner Urgent Care offering patients IV hydration therapy as temperatures spike

PHOENIX (June 12, 2024) - As the summer months in Phoenix only continue to heat up, Banner Urgent Care is offering its patient IV hydration therapy. 

The IV hydration therapy bags contain 1,000 milliliters (about 33.81 oz) of sodium and can offer quick relief to people suffering from dehydration. The treatment only takes about an hour, but patients can feel the hydrating effects of the sodium more quickly. 

Banner Urgent Care Family Nurse Practitioner Samia Kadri says IV hydration therapy is best for patients suffering from mild symptoms of dehydration or for those that feel like water isn’t quenching their thirst.

“Symptoms of mild dehydration can include increased thirst, urinating less than normal, and dry mouth,” Kadri explains.   

For patients who may be experiencing even milder cases of dehydration, Kadri says she can prescribe a simple solution of water, salt, and sugar that patients can make at home to help replenish salt and potassium loss through urination.  

“Water is always a good option, but electrolytes are also important,” Kadri explains. “Sometimes, especially in the summer months, individuals may need more than water.”  

Kadri notes that hydration requirements can vary from person to person, for example, athletes or those who are breastfeeding may need more water.  

“It’s important to check in with your own body,” Kadri says. “If you feel thirsty, it means you’re already dehydrated. Having a headache can also be the first sign of dehydration.”  

Kadri says that if a patient comes into the urgent care feeling dehydrated, they may request IV hydration and the provider will assess for appropriate care.  

“IV hydration is offered year-round to patients, but Banner Urgent Care sees a spike in need during the summer months,” Kadri says. 

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