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Bumper crop of blooms: Spring rains means more seasonal allergies

Banner Urgent Care offers telehealth care for allergy sufferers

PHOENIX (March 28, 2023) – Higher than normal amounts of rain this winter and spring may bring extra agony for Phoenix-area allergy sufferers.

“The extra rains can create extra weeds, especially ragweed, which is a known irritant for people with seasonal allergies,’’ said Devin Minor, MD, physician executive at Banner Urgent Care.

Banner Urgent Care, which has locations throughout the Phoenix metro area, has already been treating people with seasonal allergies.

“Your eyes are itchy, your throat can be itchy, your nose is runny. It’s not a lot of fun to have seasonal allergies. They can affect your sleep and overall quality of life,’’ Minior said.

The good news for people with mild to moderate allergies is that they can be treated in their own home via telehealth provided by Banner Urgent Care. Suspected hay fever allergies, along with sinus congestion, are some of the top conditions that can be treated via telehealth, according to Minior.

“During our video visit, we can get a good history from the patient on the problems they have been experiencing and then we can determine whether we are dealing with allergies, cold or another type of respiratory infection and go from there.

“And patients don’t even have to leave their homes to get an accurate diagnosis.’’

Minior added that virtual visits are a great alternative for prescription requests and refills, questions about medical side effects or new non-emergency allergy symptoms.

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