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Introducing Banner Brain & Spine - helping patients better understand the type of care available

PHOENIX (Apr. 3, 2023) – Banner Health has renamed its neuroscience programs to “Banner Brain & Spine” in order to give patients a better understanding of the programs and services available to them. Banner listened to its patient and as a result, key services such as neurosurgery, neurology and spine care are now grouped under Banner Brain & Spine.

Led by Dr. Peter Nakaji, head of neurosurgery and director of the Banner – University Medicine Neuroscience Institute, Banner Brain & Spine offers exceptional, individualized care for patients who are faced with neurological issues, which can often be some of the most daunting health challenges to experience. 

“While we always strive to improve the ways in which we care for and treat our patients, this rebranding will make the health care experience more streamlined and easier to understand for them,” Dr. Nakaji said. “Neurological issues can be quite scary, and we want to put our patients at ease even before they step foot inside the hospital. Along with compassionate care that focuses on the individual patient, Banner Brain & Spine will make that possible.”

As a leading destination for neurological care, Banner Brain & Spine’s world-class physicians, surgeons, nurses and medical staff help treat issues such as: traumatic brain injuries, stroke, epilepsy, and concussions, among many others. The program’s partnership with the University of Arizona allows its physicians to lead clinical research to advance the future of medicine, as well as the training of future physicians, resulting in even better patient care.

“As a neurosurgeon, I’m always excited to be a part of the advancement of medicine and help improve the lives of people in our community,” Dr. Nakaji said. “With Banner Brain & Spine, this is yet another step toward creating an easier health care journey for patients so that their lives can be better.”

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