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We provide the most advanced care for conditions impacting the brain. Our expert neurologists are improving care and research for many conditions including stroke, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and brain injury. Our skilled neurosurgeons provide cutting edge therapies for complex conditions such as brain aneurysms, epilepsy, spinal disorders and many other conditions. 

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Advanced Neurology and Neurosurgery Care
If you have a neurological condition, our experts offer the highest level of care for all types of conditions impacting the brain. Our care is highly personalized to your needs. We know you want care quickly, so our appointments are easy to schedule.
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We make advanced neurology care more accessible by accepting most insurance.
Neuroscience Institute Centers
Our centers provide the highest level of care for disorders and injuries of the brain.
Brain Injury Center

We offer the most advanced care for brain injuries caused by major trauma, falls, car accidents, seizure disorders, tumors and sports injuries. We provide you or your loved one with the latest treatment options and all the services needed for the best possible recovery.

  • Expert trauma care
  • Specialized rehabilitation
  • Lifelong disease and injury management
Comprehensive Epilepsy Center

Here you will find the most advanced programs for the management and treatment of epilepsy and seizure disorders. Our doctors and specialists are highly skilled in the evaluation and care of epilepsy. You can feel confident knowing we've been recognized for our excellent care by leading neurology organizations.

  • Medication therapies
  • Advanced surgical options
  • Inpatient epilepsy monitoring unit
Comprehensive Multiple Sclerosis Center

Look to our experts for excellent, specialized care for your multiple sclerosis. Through our diagnosis and advanced treatment programs, we can help you reach and maintain the lifestyle you want. We work with you to create an individual treatment plan that may include:

  • Latest therapies
  • Access to research trials
  • Self-management and wellness education
Headache Center

If your headaches are interfering with your life, you've come to the right place. Our headache specialists treat pain that stems from a variety of causes including migraines, cluster headaches and medical conditions. We offer comprehensive care from diagnosis through treatment including:

  • Medication therapies
  • Physical therapy
  • Botox injections
Neuropsychology Program

Our neuropsychologists are an important part of the neuroscience team, providing you and your doctor with a picture of their current cognitive function. This is extremely helpful for the treatment of such conditions as stroke, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury and dementia.

  • Assessments of memory, thinking and problem solving
  • Pre-operative and post-operative consultations
Neurovascular Center

If you or a loved one need care for stroke or another neurovascular issue, we provide the most advanced care from emergency treatment through recovery. We are the first hospital in Arizona to achieve the highest level of recognition for stroke care. You can trust our expertise for all phases of your recovery, including:

  • Care for the most complex strokes
  • Rehabilitation service
  • Follow-up care after stroke
Sleep Center

If you have trouble sleeping, we can help you get a better night's rest. Our experts treat all types of disorders that can disrupt your sleep from obstructive sleep apnea and snoring to circadian rhythm disorders and insomnia. We specialize in finding the potential cause of your sleep problem and offer services including

  • At-home sleep apnea testing
  • Overnight sleep studies
  • Latest sleep disorder treatments
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Our specialists teach the latest treatment techniques for the brain and spinal cord to other doctors.

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Furthering neurology care

Our doctors are dedicated to furthering care in their specialty of neurology through advanced care and research.

Advancing medical research with U of A
We partner with University of Arizona to explore new drugs and procedures.
Access to the latest clinical trials
You may benefit from new treatments not yet available to the public.
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Fellowship and Residency Programs

The Institutes attract the best and brightest residents and fellows from across the country who work alongside our expert doctors to provide you the best in health care

Neurology Residency Program