Employee Resources

Work Tools

  • Banner E-mail
    • Access your Banner e-mail through the web
  • Workforce Central
    • Access your time-card and other scheduling information.
  • Employee Website (Intranet)
    • NOTE: You must be logged into the Banner Health network to access this information.
  • MyHR|Workday
    • Log in to review Human Resources (HR) and payroll information, including the employee handbook, HR-related policies and benefits information. You may also update your employee information such as change of address, tax deductions, emergency contact, direct deposit and more. Includes manager administration.
    • Access MyHR|Workday from a Banner computer.
    • Access MyHR|Workday from outside the Banner computer system. Two factor authentication via MobilePASS is required. Log in to the Banner Portal using MobilePASS, then select MyHR|Workday and log in as you would from a Banner computer.
    • If you are unable to access MyHR|Workday, please contact your Human Resources office if you have HR questions or need to update your personal information.


Access the Banner Network through this secure login.

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Benefits & Retirement

  • 401(k) and 403(b) plans
    • To enroll, make changes to your current election, take a loan or withdrawal, or rollover an old retirement plan from a previous employer, please contact Fidelity.
    • Fidelity contact information:
      Phone 800-343-0860 English or 877-297-3017 Spanish

The Pension Plans are all frozen, and have been for many years.  If you commenced your employment with Samaritan, Lutheran or Banner prior to 1992, Sun Health prior to 2008 or NCMC prior to 1995 you MAY have a pension.  If you worked during this time referenced, that does not guarantee you have a benefit.  Individual contact information is listed below for the pensions.  Please reach out to the appropriate contact if you have questions about a potential benefit.

  • Banner Health Retirement Income Plan (Samaritan Health)
    Principal Life Insurance Company
    ATTN: Retirement and Income Solutions
    PO Box 4926
    Grand Island NE 68802-4926
    Contract number: 2-21761
  • Sun Health Pension
    Retirement Service Center (Fidelity)
  • NCMC Employees’ Pension Plan
    First National Bank Wealth Management