Hospital Price Transparency

Banner Health is working to publish our price transparency data to meet federal regulations. We have encountered technical difficulties in meeting the publication requirements and are working with our vendor to make this data available as quickly as possible.

Consumers may receive estimates using our patient estimates tool above or by calling our customer service team at (888) 688-4797.

Hospital prices are complex. Every patient may receive a unique set of services based on their needs and it can be difficult to estimate out of pocket costs. While the resources below can serve as a guide in your decision making, the best source of information is a formal patient estimate which can be obtained using the estimator tool above or by calling (888) 688-4797. Our team can provide information about your individual plan benefits and cost sharing that are much more specific than the broad estimates available here.

Select your facility below to see Standard Charges, Shoppable Services identified by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and Payor Negotiated Rates. The best way to use this tool is to type a few key words about your procedure in the search box and to select your insurance carriers from the drop-down menus. Your provider can assist you with key words to use. If you need help finding your plan or services, we are just a phone call away.

Please note: The hospital prices found in this resource do not include insurance deductible or other patient specific insurance information, potential self-pay, or financial assistance discounts and therefore may not be a true reflection of the patient responsibility.







State-Specific Regulations