Outlook Web Access

Outlook Web Access can no longer be accessed from outside a Banner Health location. 

What are my options?

  1. Outlook Web Access is still available when logged onto a Banner computer at a Banner location
  2. Access Outlook Web Access using Multi Factor Authentication - Users who are already enrolled in MobilePASS, Banner's Multi  Factor Identification Solution, can access Outlook Web Access by using the appropriate Citrix Portal link: https://portal.bannerhealth.com
    NOTE: Additional Information, including how to reset your password and enroll for Multi Factor Authentication is available on the Banner Intranet by searching for Password Reset Tool. Please note this information is only available when logged onto a Banner computer at a Banner location.

Why did this change take place?

It is very important to make sure that anyone using Outlook Web Access is authorized to do so. By requiring the same Multi Factor Authentication used for remote access to VPN, Clinical Connectivity and Citrix Banner can enhance the security of Outlook Web Access.

Should I call the IT Service Desk?

We recommend following the steps listed above and only contact the Banner IT Service Desk if you are still experiencing issues.