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COVID Vaccinations

With safety Banner’s top priority, it’s our responsibility to reduce risk for those we serve, and one another. We care for some of the most vulnerable people in our communities and owe it to them to take every measure possible to offer the safest care environment possible. 

With that guiding priority – Banner implemented a COVID-19 vaccination mandate for its team members effective Nov. 1, 2021. By taking this important step, we’re protecting our team members and patients from a disease causing significant morbidity and mortality. On Nov. 1, 2021, we’ll begin our facility screener verification process. That means prior to or upon arrival at one of our facilities, the majority of our vendors and contractors will need to complete a COVID-19 vaccine status mobile attestation. Additional details can be provided by your Banner point of contact. 

To ensure this level of safety, Banner is requiring all vendors who come in contact with patient care areas or our team members to be compliant with our vaccination mandate effective Nov. 1, 2021. This is in addition to continuous masking, regardless of vaccination status. 

As a valued vendor, we appreciate your patience and support as we take all measures possible to offer our patients and teams a safe place to work and receive care.

What does this mean for you?

As of Nov. 1, 2021, we’ll begin our facility screener verification process. That means prior to or upon arrival at one of our facilities, the majority of our vendors will be directed to complete a COVID-19 vaccine status mobile attestation on your cell phone at

  • This attestation will include the manufacturer of your vaccine, date(s) received or if you have an exemption with your employer.
  • If vaccine or exemption criteria is met, you’ll be cleared to enter; if not met, you’ll be tracked as non-compliant but allowed entry to our facilities during a 60-day grace period. 
  • After Jan. 1, 2022, those who do not meet the vaccine attestation criteria via the mobile app will not be permitted entry to facilities. In some rare instances, emergency exceptions may be granted by facility leadership. 


November 1: 

  • Banner verification process, mobile attestation and tracking implemented for vendors entering a facility.
  • If vendor is not vaccinated and does not have an approved exemption from their employer, they are still allowed to enter our facility during a 60-day grace period. Screener or designee reminds vendor to be fully compliant by Dec. 1 and full enforcement as of Jan. 1, 2022. 

December 1:

  • Non-compliant vendors are still allowed to enter the facility, but they are tracked as being non-compliant with our policy.
  • For non-compliant vendors, the Banner vendor contact will reach out to discuss future expectations to keep everyone safe. 

January 1:

  • Full enforcement of process begins. Non-compliant vendors are not allowed to enter the facility unless they meet the emergency exception criteria.


Specific details and requirements vary depending on your unique role and engagement with Banner team members, facilities and patient care areas. Please reach out to your usual Banner point of contact for more information.  
*This process is subject to change based on state and federal requirements.  

Please Note: We request your immediate support as we work through increased concern around COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and personal protective equipment (PPE) supply disruptions.

Until further notice, we ask all vendors refrain from visiting Banner Health facilities for non-essential business purposes. Sales activities are prohibited. Routine business meetings should be conducted via telephone, Skype or similar technology. 

At this time, we cannot accommodate the training of new vendor representatives, observation by managers or others from your company. Only essential personnel may enter the surgical suite or procedural areas and must receive prior approval from the clinician in-charge. 

Vendors who perform a service function necessary for the operations of the facility may continue services as normal. (Delivery vendors, maintenance personnel, medical gas distribution, office supply delivery, waste removal, inventory replenishment, etc.)

If you test positive for the COVID 19 virus, you must follow the CDC Guidelines and remain sequestered for a period of 2 weeks.  If at the end of those two weeks, if you are asymptomatic, you may resume activities within Banner. You will need to follow the preestablished screening requirements at the facility and be masked when you enter. You will need to follow all the requirements set forth by your company in order to return to work as well.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.
 (View Vendor Visitation Restrictions)

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Banner Health Business Partner. In cultivating relationships with current business partners at Banner Health, we hold our staff and vendors accountable in being objective and unbiased for all current and prospective business conducted at any Banner Health entity. Banner Health requires that all existing Business Partner Representatives to register with GHX (Vendormate). If the company you represent does not currently do business with Banner, please do not attempt to register as your application will be denied. 

View the Compliance Training Instructions

Access Vendormate to register for Banner Health’s vendor management program. 

Flu Vaccine

Annual flu vaccinations are required.

Vendor Visitor Dress Code

A no scrub policy has been in effect for many years. We need to ensure that vendors are not wearing scrubs from facility to facility and that they are changing in and out of hospital issued scrubs with each visit.

For Security reasons, it is also difficult to distinguish vendors from employees if they are in scrubs.

Vendor Notices:

Compliance Policies:

Post Acute Provider Application (Arizona Only)

ICD-10 Trading Partners, Entities and Payers

  • ICD-10 questions - please email updated 7/13

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