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Physical Therapy at Banner Health

Physical therapy focuses on the evaluation, treatment and prevention of movement (or musculoskeletal) disorders. Physical therapy helps treat health problems from injury, overuse of muscles or tendons or pain.

Whether you’re injured out on the playing field, recovering from surgery or managing an illness, the physical therapy team at Banner Health is here to help relieve your pain and get you moving. In some cases, you may be referred to physical therapy by your doctor. There are also instances in which you may choose to seek out physical therapy treatments on your own. We’ll work with you, and your doctor if necessary, to create the best treatment plan possible using the latest techniques.

Our convenient locations offer a variety of physical therapy services and education - from pain management to movement restoration, workers’ compensation to occupational therapy to balance and gait training and more. 

Is Physical Therapy Covered by Insurance?

Most insurance companies do cover physical therapy treatments. When you schedule an appointment, we can verify and answer any questions you may have about insurance.

Recovery and Reconditioning Program

Individuals recovering from COVID-19 or other serious illnesses may be living with various levels of limitation and weakness. Our team of clinical experts can help to expedite the healing process through Banner Physical Therapy’s Recovery and Reconditioning Program.  

Created in collaboration with physicians, physiatrists and infectious disease specialists, our Recovery and Reconditioning Program focuses on strengthening areas of weakness. Our program can help with:

  • Balance, stability 
  • Cardiac issues
  • Consequences of clotting disorders, including stroke and amputation
  • Cognitive or memory impairments
  • Decreased endurance and limited breathing capability
  • Dizziness or vertigo
  • Functional mobility and activities of daily living issues 
  • General fatigue and weakness
  • Musculoskeletal pain or soreness
  • Range of motion limitations

Depending on your comfort level, physical ability and condition, we can treat you virtually, via telerehab, or in-person. In-person appointments follow clinical and CDC guidelines to ensure safety while progressing toward your specific needs and goals. 

Contact us today and ask if our Recovery and Reconditioning Program is right for you. Learn more about our COVID-19 protocols.

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