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Guidelines & Expectations

Welcome to Banner Health! Our role is to provide the best possible clinical experience for you while you are at any Banner Health facility. Below are some “tidbits” that should help make for a smooth experience. If you have any questions, concerns or other inquiries, either before, during or after your clinical rotation, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can be reached by phone or email. Contact a facility student coordinator.


Banner Health requires all Student’s to wear a current school issued ID Badge. Some disciplines may require a Banner Health issued ID Badge. Your Unit Preceptor will help you obtain that badge, if needed.

Tucson Students: Tucson sites may differ; please contact your school faculty for current badging process.

Dress Code

Students must wear their assigned school uniform when on the clinical unit as a student. There may be exceptions to this in specialty care areas. Please check with your clinical instructor or preceptor. No artificial fingernails are permitted.

Cell Phone Usage

Out of respect for our patients, guests and staff, we ask you not use your cell phone during clinicals. Personal phone calls must be made and received during a break in a designated break area or after the shift. Please direct anyone that may need to get ahold of you during your time at the facility to call your assigned unit phone number in case of an emergency. Your clinical instructor will know where you are at all times and can give you the message. Taking pictures of any patient or part of a patient is strictly prohibited and will result in dismissal from clinical experience.

Patient Identifiers

All patients are identified by asking them their name and date of birth. Check the patient’s identification against the order every time you initiate any type of care of regardless of how many times you have been in the room.

Nursing Student Documentation Guidelines

All students must have a complete understanding of the Nursing Student Documentation Guidelines, which should be read to the cohort prior to starting the rotation.


Banner Health utilizes an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) called CERNER. All documentation needs to be co-signed by a licensed individual in your discipline. You were assigned Learning Modules that provide additional details related to charting regulations. Please refer back to these if needed.

National Patient Safety Goals

Please review and be familiar with The Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety goals for the current year. These are the “whys” of what we do within the hospital to help promote the safest patient care possible.


At the conclusion of your clinical experience, mCE will provide you with an end of rotation survey. Please take the time to fill out the survey to provide us valuable feedback so that we can continue to improve future learning experiences.

Thank you for your time and effort in studying and working hard to join the health profession! We appreciate you and look forward to having you in our facilities!