Children's Rehabilitative Services Program

Children’s Rehabilitative Services (CRS) Program

What is CRS?

Children’s Rehabilitative Services (CRS) is a designation given to AHCCCS members who have certain health conditions. CRS designated members get the same AHCCCS services as non-CRS members. They can get care from providers in the community like other members. They may also use special clinics called Multi-Specialty Interdisciplinary Clinics (MSIC). MSICs bring many specialty providers together in one location. They provide family-centered, coordinated care to meet the complex needs of children in the CRS program. MSIC locations and a list of available specialties at each clinic is on page 89. B – UFC/ALTCS helps CRS designated members with coordination and monitoring to make sure special healthcare needs are met. CRS eligibility is determined by the AHCCCS Division of Member Services (DMS).

Who is eligible for CRS?

AHCCCS members may be eligible for CRS designation when they are under 21 years old AND have a qualifying CRS condition. The medical condition must also:

  • Require active treatment; and 
  • Be found by AHCCCS Division of Member Services to meet criteria specified in Arizona law (ARS R9-22-1301-1305). 

View the full list of eligible diagnosis here.

A CRS application can be submitted by anyone such as a family member, health care worker, doctor, or health plan staff. Applications must include medical records that show a CRS qualifying condition and active treatment need exist. 

B – UFC/ALTCS is here to help children with CRS eligible conditions. If you have questions about the CRS Program, need help completing an application, or would like to speak to a member of our Pediatric Care Management team. For information, please call our Customer Care Center. More CRS information is also available by contacting the AHCCCS CRS Enrollment Unit at: (602) 417-4545 or (855) 333-7828. Applications are available at