Pediatric Care Management Services

Did you know that you have Registered Nurse Care Managers available to you and your child through your health plan? Your care manager can assist you in coordinating care for your child and assist you with: 

  • Learning about your child’s medical diagnosis.
  • Scheduling no-cost transportation to and from medical appointments. 
  • Talking to your child’s doctors to help advocate for your child’s need. 
  • Making sure you child has all their needed medications.
  • Refer you to community resources such as housing, home visitation programs, and nutrition assistance.
  • Help you schedule doctor’s appointments. 

We also have specialized programs to help you manage your child’s chronic diseases. One program available to our members is the Pediatric Asthma Program. If your child has been diagnosed with asthma and you would like more information on learning about asthma, asthma medications, or need help working with your doctor, this program would benefit you and your child. The pediatric nurse care manager will help you by: 

  • Providing you education on asthma and taking care of a child with asthma. 
  • Making sure your child has all their needed medications and teaching you the proper way to use them. 
  • Making sure your child has an asthma action plan.
  • Talking to you about asthma triggers and ways to avoid those triggers.
  • Learning about your child’s care team and ways to make sure everyone on your child’s care team is aware of your child’s medical needs. 

If you would like to speak to a pediatric nurse case manager, please call our Customer Care Center and request for a referral to be sent to the Maternal Child Health department.