Pharmacy Services

If you need medicine, your provider will choose one from our list of covered drugs and write you a prescription. Ask your doctor to verify that the medication is on the B – UFC/ALTCS list of covered drugs.

If the medicine your provider feels you need is not on our list and you cannot take any other medication except the one prescribed, your provider may request prior authorization from B – UFC/ALTCS.

Some over-the counter medicines are also covered when a prescription is written by your doctor. All prescriptions should be filled at a pharmacy listed in our Pharmacy Directory. If you have other insurance, B – UFC/ALTCS will only pay the copays if the drug is also on the B – UFC/ALTCS drug list.

To help you get your prescription more easily, your provider can send your prescription electronically to the network pharmacy of your choice. This way, it will be ready when you arrive at the pharmacy.