Prescriptions and Refills

What Should I Do if the Pharmacy Denies My Prescriptions

Call our Customer Care Center and we can help you find out why your prescription is not approved to fill. Sometimes, a primary insurance may be entered wrong, or it may be too soon to refill. Other times the medication is not on our list of covered drugs. If a pharmacy turns you away or will not fill your prescription, ask if you and/or the pharmacist can call Customer Care Center together to find out what is happening. We will work with you and the pharmacy to find the best options for you. When you call for help before leaving the pharmacy, we can try to take care of the problem so you will not need to make another trip. We want to make it easy for you.


The label on your medication bottle tells you how many refills your provider has ordered for you. If your doctor has ordered refills, you may only get one 30-day refill at a time.

If your provider has not ordered refills, you must call your provider at least five (5) days before your medication runs out. Talk to your provider about getting a refill. The provider may want to see you before giving you a refill.